The Medical Basis of TTYM

TTYM is a form of physical therapy comprising reflex-zone stimulation, acupressure, breathing techniques, meditation and elements of Hatha Yoga (gentle stretching and lengthening exercises). Through the holistic effect of the full-body massage – body, soul and mind are brought into harmony.

Course participants and masseurs activate specific nerve endings in the skin and muscles referred to as “receptors”. These send signals via the lower section of the spinal cord to the Thalamus, the “gate of consciousness”. The thalamus is connected to the sensory fields of the cerebral cortex. Here, touch is consciously experienced.

Joining the Thalamus, the Hypothalamus controls the hormone system. Through the vegetative nervous system, it also controls the inner organs. Should their functions be disturbed, the Hypothalamus can bring them back into balance. Strongly tied to this is the limbic system, the “emotional brain”. Depressions originating here can be alleviated through TTYM and balance re-created.