Full Body Thai Massage

The full body Thai massage requires friendly, peaceful and soothing atmosphere. The massage room with large and comfortably padded futon will already set  you, your body, and your soul into a state of deepest relaxation and well-being.

This state of relaxation and pleasant surrender is utilized by the masseur for carrying out movements that are targeted and healing, including stretching, deep and empathetic pressing, light tapping, and a warming- and energy-balancing laying of hands. Energy lines and points in all parts of the body are located by touch, explored and therapeutically treated. Muscles and tendons are loosened, gently stretched and made supple. Warm energy flows through the body, refreshing the spirit and relaxing the mind. Through the removal of blockades, energy is released, balanced and stabilized. Every part of the body is relaxed, breathing flows slowly. Among other conditions, TTYM (Traditional Thai Yoga Massage) can relieve headaches, neck aches or tension, backaches, insomnia, migraines, exhaustion or nervous tension.

Therapeutic procedure for the TTY full-body massage

  • Foot-reflex-zone massage opens the circulation of energy
  • Acupressure on the energy lines (Sen lines) of the legs.
  • Yoga positions, stretching and lengthening of the legs.
  • Stretching and lengthening of the arms, the back and the legs in a lateral position.
  • Stretching and lengthening of the arms, the back and the legs in a prone position.
  • Acupressure of the energy lines of the arms and hands, stretching and lengthening of the muscles.
  • Shoulder-, back- and leg massage with stretching while resting on the stomach. In a sitting position, head-, neck-, shoulder- and back massage, and stretching.

The full body Thai massage is completed with a gentle head- and facial massage.