Education and Training at the Institute of TTYM

All training courses at the Institute for TTYM (Traditional Thai Yoga Massage) are provided at the highest professional level. You will receive intensive and expert instruction, either in small groups with a maximum of 10 participants or alone as an individual course. Gain a deep understanding and receive comprehensive training in this therapeutic technique, in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. The training courses are guided by a focus on the traditional Thai method of instruction, applied to modern, Western tradition. TTYM comprises a wide variety of massage techniques and movement sequences.

You will learn how to effectively and safely apply your body during the massage – using your hands, your palms, thumbs, elbows, lower arms, feet, knees and your body weight. Gentle and targeted stretching and lengthening exercises known from Hatha Yoga complete the massage treatments.

Each course includes the exchange of a full-body massage or foot-reflex-zone massage under my supervision. This guarantees hands-on learning of effectively revitalizing and relaxing therapeutic Traditional Thai Yoga Massage movement sequences which course participants may then practice for the benefit of their clients, friends or family.

On completion of the training course, I offer each participant an individual coaching program that is private and based on my experience with the aim of helping the participant get off to a successful good start with Traditional Thai Massage as a career.

Each successful participant of a training course receives certification as a TTYM Sen Practitioner (Sen = energy lines) from the

Institute of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Petra Schwier.

And now I wish you a lot of fun and joy while selecting your personal training course.

Petra Schwier