Traditional Indian Baby Oil Massage

Traditional Indian Baby Oil Massage

Birth of a newborn is a life-changing experience for parents and everyone around. First days after the birth are crucial times, where newborns are in need of extra attention and care in order to adapt to their new surrounding and to bond with their parents. One traditional and highly effective practice in the eastern culture is the “Indian Baby Oil Massage”, which has been embraced and practiced for hundreds of years in many parts of the world. This has been proven to be especially useful in the overall development of premature babies, and it is a common part of early care in both traditional and modern societies.     

The purpose of this massage is to further the bond between caregiver and the infant. Holding the newborn in your arms reinforces this bond and relaxes the baby. This is especially therapeutic as it engages and stimulates all five senses.  Practicing this massage not only helps the newborn to sense love and security but also helps parents to become familiar with baby’s visual signs and expressions.

The oil massage has a number of benefits; it relaxes your baby to fall asleep easily and to enjoy a long peaceful sleep for a longer time. Furthermore, this helps the newborn’s digestive system, aids flexibility and mobility, as well; it improves blood circulation and sharpness of senses. The oil massage also helps alleviating pain during the teething period, helps muscle development and enhances the immune system. Oil massage is especially effective when your baby is restless and it is hard to detect what is bothering him or her. 

Finally, giving your baby an “Indian Oil Massage” can help you find your own inner Zen.


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