In addition to the professional competence Petra demonstrated, she also gave the group a feeling of comfort and security. As a layman, I felt taken seriously. The group was well-instructed. The additional philosophical and spiritual background aspects rounded off the course for me. Thank you very much!

Sybille Gunter, Essen


With the “basic course” for Traditional Thai Massage that I learned with Ms. Schwier, I am going to expand my offered services in my physiotherapeutic practice. The course truly inspired me! We intensively learned a great deal and yet there was always time for fun in-between. Ms. Schwier is so lively and friendly that the group was relaxed and cheerful from the beginning on.

Werner G., Physiotherapist, Berlin


With her excellent, professional competence and pedagogical ability, Ms. Schwier gave our group very good training in Traditional Thai Massage (“Advanced Course”). We had plenty of time to intensely practice and as “guinea pigs”, had the chance to relax wonderfully. With calm, balance and ease, she answered all of our questions thoroughly. The course atmosphere was very pleasant, the room well-decorated in harmony – you just felt good in there.

P.S. Physician, Freudenstadt


Receiving a massage from Petra is like being on vacation. You can relax, let yourself go, you feel totally refreshed afterwards. Petra removes tension and opens you. She can make you laugh, and cry, a nice release for the soul. Petra’s massages do me a world of good. Thank you for your skill! The introductory course I participated in was very interesting. For me, it was an exciting weekend over the course of which I learned a lot about myself. Petra is excellent at conveying her knowledge and massage techniques. She convinces with what she does and it’s obvious that she truly enjoys teaching and sharing her life experiences.

Carolin Seile, PTA, Konstanz


My regular massages from Ms. Schwier give me the energy to overcome personal and job-related crises. They also give me vitality, emotional stability and a sense of well-being. The joy of physical movement has been reawakened for me.

R. G., Physician, Konstanz


I’ve been going to Ms. Schwier for massage treatments for years and every time I go I feel so wonderful afterwards: full of energy, relaxed and balanced. Thanks so much!

L. R., Retired, Zürich


Thai Massage Treatment:
Stress and other physical symptoms disappear; relaxation and energy return. Petra is great at targeting your specific need. Wellness at its best. Thai Massage Introductory Course: Great way to become acquainted with the world of Thai Massage. It’s incredible how much is learned, enough to be able to carry out the first baby steps of Thai Massage on your own. Petra creates a wonderful atmosphere.

M.Poguntke, Engineer, Konstanz


Ms. Schwier, You have healing hands.

Guest at the Steigenberger Inselhotel, China


My “tennis arm” is gone. I haven’t had any back pain for months – and every visit is so relaxing.

K. B., Lawyer, Konstanz


While searching for a birthday present for married friends of ours, we found the flyer for the Thai Massage School. We decided to buy a gift certificate and spontaneously signed up for the introductory course too. It was an amazing weekend. We laughed so much. There was a great atmosphere, lots of fun. Thank you very much. After the introductory course, I was so enthused about Thai Massage that, half a year later, I took part in the basic course. Since then, my life has changed. I sense a whole new self-confidence, inner balance and satisfaction as a practicing Sen masseuse. I have my insecurities under control. With Petra, I feel like I’m in good hands, both as a client and as a student. I really can’t thank her enough. But here’s a try!!!

Your friend, Marion (and Siggi Bertel), Konstanz


Dear Ms. Schwier,

For the past two years, I’ve been coming to you for massages. And they are so good!!!!!! To express my thanks, I would like to share the effect that I experience: first of all, there’s the big appetite after every massage, I can always eat a horse! You’ve noticed that when you “tickle” the right nerve, my stomach already growls. I always have a big feast after every visit, and I enjoy this little tradition. I’d miss not having the appetizer. As you know, I am an avid concert- and opera-goer. I used to feel muscle tension after hour-long performances, depending on my seat location. Today, I sit totally relaxed and without tension, even if I have side seat. After a six-hour Richard Wagner evening, all I’m left with is the positive stimulation from the music, and not muscle tension and fatigue. Your massages are particularly valuable to me for my everyday business work. As you know, I have a strenuous job – a job with which many become easily stressed, just as I used to myself. Now I’m able to handle this stress, and even when the work is piled on, I am able to just “get it done”. In the evenings, I feel good. I used to feel exhausted. As a result, I’ve become a musical person again, living out my creativity in the evenings. Even those life crises that come up every now and then are now much easier to handle with a good physical and mental condition. I would just like you to know all this.

With warm regards,
Erich Majerle, Lawyer, Schweiz


Ciao Petra,

Let us tell you what effects the Thai Massage we have been receiving for the last year has had:

  • Stabilization and stimulation of the immune system
  • Inner, mental barriers became clear and were opened
  • I have moved from inner tension to inner peace and balance; I feel as though I am in flow
  • The frequency of sexual thoughts has increased and sexual experiences have improved with regard to quality and quantity (increased potency)
  • Concentration has vastly improved
  • There is more calmness during the day, a more even temperament
  • Self-confidence has increased
  • Physical flexibility has increased and muscle structures improved
  • Greater ability to emotionally open and project out
  • Tension in neck has been reduced; blockades in back / spinal discs have been reduced.

Warm regards,
Dietmar & Matthias, Konstanz


Dear Petra,

Thank you for the massage treatment – it’s really so much more than a massage. Thank you for your hands – which also hold and give stability. Thank you for your kind words, which touched my heart. It is difficult to put into words what a Traditional Thai Massage does: Petra, your authenticity and the joy with which you do your work makes it a pleasure. It’s something really special, this openness, this happiness which rubs off on the client and which the client can take with him/her. Petra is like the sun. She not only touches your body, she opens your heart and your soul, and lets it shine.
Thank you for being you. Hug,

Kerstin, PTA, Konstanz


Although I have been interested in Massage for years I didn’t have the intention to study Traditional Thai Yoga Massage when I came to Thailand. But after some time being a tourist I decided to that in Chiang Mai. I luckily met Petra, what opened new gates for me, having the option of a very experienced teacher and a one-on-one-setting. After my two courses learning TTYM and foot reflexology with her I’m pretty confident of becoming a good practitioner. I’m thankful for that interesting time, full of information and practice, what exposed new visions of my self.

From Matthias.