Advantages of Traditional Thai Massage Education

The advantages of TTYM:

As a medical practitioner, the TTYM courses will allow you to offer a supplementary, non-insurance-related service for the benefit of your patients.

TTYM can be your opportunity for a new career start: either in the form of independent self-employment or as a second income to your main one.

With these training courses, you can practice TTYM all over the world, internationally and individually.

TTYM is well-suited as a supplement to other forms of therapy, such as orthopedics, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and yoga.

TTYM training offers physicians, health practitioners, alternative health practitioners, masseurs and other professionals a chance to expand their therapeutic techniques and supplement them with an alternative and future-oriented healing method.

TTYM allows a high degree of mobility. You can visit your clients in their hotels, their private homes or their workplaces. You determine your own working times.