welcome to thai massage worldwide

Welcome to Thai Massage Worldwide

Dear visitor to my website,

A personal word to you so that you may learn more about me beyond the facts and figures, certificates and references – and entrust me with your Thai Massage or massage training.

Giving and teaching Traditional Thai Massage is a serious and highly personal experience requiring full and mutual trust between the therapist and the client, the teacher and the student. The chemistry has to be right. If you are open to the journey, I will tell you now about my path and motivation as I left a secured existence as a beautician and traveled to Thailand to discover and learn the fascinating, age-old healing method of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – a method I teach today.

While working as a self-employed beautician, I realized that it wasn’t enough for me to treat only a part of a person: to make a face beautiful, or a décolleté attractive. The person as a holistic “whole” interested me, including the psychology and philosophy. My search began. In 1997, I received my first Traditional Thai Massage. A true epiphany. I knew right away: this is it! This is the kind of physical therapy I would like to learn. Three weeks after my massage, I was sitting in an airplane to Bangkok on my way to Temple Wat Pho, the oldest temple and largest training center in Thailand for the art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. Here I studied with Professor Tong Chai, Master of Sen Therapy, one of the greatest masters of Traditional Thai Massage. In the years to follow, I received training from various master teachers, including my wonderful private teacher Madame Lek Chaiya. I immersed myself deeper and deeper into 2,500-year-old knowledge of holistic healing and health, Marmas (pressure points), Prana (life energy), yoga and meditation.

After several years of learning and practicing, I received my certification to teach Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and my dream came true. In the year 2000, I opened my own massage and training center in Constance, Germany.

Since this time, I have been giving and teaching Traditional Thai Massage – always with a deep sense of gratitude and respect for both the wisdom and tradition of this therapeutic treatment and for the masters who kindly made it accessible to me. I would like to keep this invaluable wisdom alive by practicing it and passing it on to my students.

With a look back on my studies, my training sessions and my practical work for Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – I would like to sincerely thank all of my teachers, trainers, students, clients and colleagues for their wonderful support, their patience and their trust.

I embrace you all!

Petra Schwier


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